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Often, the most difficult part of moving abroad is having to manage many of the things we would do without a second thought in our native country. Changing a driving license or connecting utilities can be a daunting prospect when newly arrived in a foreign country.

Solaris Relocations uses our global network to save you time and smooth the transition. We use local knowledge and experience to provide every service that you might need so you can focus on the new life in front of you.

  • Home Search – Connecting with real estate agents and rental agencies is the last thing you want to do when you’re eager to start your new life. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We can assist finding and managing accommodation based on your budget and location preferences.
  • School Search – Your children’s education is of the utmost importance and every parent wants their children to be happy, secure and at home. Our local teams can help you find the perfect school that provides for all of your children’s academic, social and extracurricular needs.
  • Destination Services – Bureaucracy is an unfortunate necessity when making a smooth transition between countries. Our on-site partners understand the local procedures and regulations saving you time and inevitable frustration, it’s good to have a helping hand.
  • International Money Transfer Save £££s transferring funds to an overseas account Our Services provide a cheap and easy way to send your money anywhere at a more competitive rate than the banks.
  • Pet RelocationsWe have a specialist manager to prepare and oversee the requirements for relocating the ‘furry’ or ‘scaly’ members of your family.
  • Pension TransferEnsure that your pension is transferred to your destination country. Know that when you arrive you can skip the hassles of local bureaucracy.
  • Motor Vehicle SourcingSpecifically for the US & Canada, our partner can arrange a vehicle ready for your arrival where leasing without credit is challenging.

 To help you settle quickly in your destination country, Solaris can arrange help with: 

  • Banking  services; 
  • Driving licences; 
  • Utilities connections; 
  • Local orientation;
  • International money transfers; 
  • Pet relocation; 
  • Pension transfers; and 
  • Vehicle sourcing

      With over 100 years of experience and unmatched experiences for our clients, we take pride in keeping the highest professional standards in every aspect of your move. Learn why Solaris is the trusted choice for seamless removals and relocations. 

Please speak with your Solaris contact for further information on these and other services or click here to start your journey.

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Need help moving?

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