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At Solaris Relocations we pride ourselves on our cost-effective and high-quality Moving and Relocation Services

Disclaimer: Solaris Relocations specializes in RELOCATION SERVICES ONLY and does not cover visa processing, immigration services, or job applications.

Moving to the USA

Make your international move stress-free with the team at Solaris

Relocate with ease using Solaris! Our complete removals service makes your move stress-free. We will deal with everything and let you enjoy the adventure! From furniture to furry friends, from cars to cockatoos, whatever makes up your world we can move it.


Contact us today and let our expert team handle your next adventure!

Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection for extra protection

Get peace of mind with our comprehensive Care Transit Protection at Care! Our trained professionals take care of your belongings.

Accidents can happen but you can rest easy with added protection for any mishaps. Contact us today!


Solaris Storage for everyone

Store your belongings securely at Solaris! Our well-maintained storage facilities offer short-term solutions for furniture, house contents, and more.

Our storage facilities are secure, and well-maintained so that your possessions will be in the same condition when they come out, as when they went in. Contact us today for peace of mind storage options!

Moving Services

Complete moving support services for international removals

With our complete removal support services, we will take care of everything. From the first step of the adventure to that “moment” when you suddenly realise that you are living your new life, we will be with you.

Contact us today to make your dreams a reality!

Moving Support Services

Solaris Baggage Services for smaller loads

Move your belongings worldwide with ease using Solaris! Our economical baggage service is perfect for overseas packages or moving a few items. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your needs!

International removals to the USA

Moving to America? Let us help. Whether it’s New York, Montana, Texas, or California, we’ll make your relocation smooth and easy

Survey and Quote for removals to the USA

Our quotes are tailored to your specific moving needs and destination in the USA. Our experienced staff will assess the most economical and practical way to move your belongings.

Will you ship via a full or part load to the USA?

We offer flexible container shipping options based on your budget or timing preferences. Whether you need a full container for more control or a part load for cost savings, our expert advice will help you choose the best option for your needs.

How will you ship my goods to the States? By air or sea?

Shipping methods for relocating to the USA include road, air, and sea. Sea shipping is usually the best option for cost-effective transport, although timing may vary depending on your destination state. Airfreight is faster but more expensive. We can advise on the best shipping method for you.

Transit times to the West and East Coast of America

Transit times for sea shipping to the USA vary based on your destination within the country. New York takes approximately 15 days, while Los Angeles on the West Coast takes approximately 30 days. Airfreight is faster, but again timing depends on the state. We’ll discuss all options as part of our complete removals service.

Storage Services from Solaris in the UK and overseas

We offer storage options in the UK and overseas. Whether you need long-term or short-term storage as part of your relocation to the USA, we can help.

Get your American adventure underway with Solaris!


Moving to the USA doesn’t have to be stressful with Solaris

Make your move stress-free with Solaris. Whether you're relocating to the US, be it Arizona, Albuquerque, Nebraska, or Nashville, let us handle it. Trust us to move your world hassle-free.


A bespoke moving support package for you

We handle it all – from lifting to regulations. Just give us a call to kickstart your American adventure.

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Live your American dream with us. From Mississippi to Minnesota, we make it a reality. Contact us now to start your new adventure in America.

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