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At Solaris Relocations we pride ourselves on our cost-effective and high-quality Moving and Relocation Services

Disclaimer: Solaris Relocations specializes in RELOCATION SERVICES ONLY and does not cover visa processing, immigration services, or job applications.

Moving to Scandinavia

With Solaris, your international move can be stress-free

Move stress-free with our international removals service! We handle it all – from vehicles to fragile collections. With expert guidance, navigating rules and regulations is a breeze. Make your dreams a reality with Solaris’ complete removals service

Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection for life’s mishaps

Your belongings are our priority. With care transit protection, we treat them like our own, providing peace of mind even in unexpected situations. Trust us to handle your possessions with care.


Storage from Solaris for every step of the way

We have flexible storage solutions for any timeframe. Trust Solaris for safe and secure options to meet your needs. Contact us today for expert assistance.

Moving Services

Moving Support Services for everyone and everywhere

We can also handle pet paperwork and international regulations!

With our complete relocations services, we make your move easy. Trust our expertise to simplify the complexities. Contact us at Solaris today.

Moving Support Services

Baggage Services from Solaris for the lighter load

Whether it's a fully furnished flat, a year abroad for studies or just traveling light, our baggage services are economical and efficient. Let us handle your overseas moving needs at Solaris

International removals to Scandinavia

Moving to Scandinavia? We’ve got you covered to Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Aland, Faroe, and more!

Let us help you with a comprehensive moving support package tailored to your international moving needs.

Let us Survey and Quote for moving to Scandinavia

Our quotes are customized based on your destination and items to be moved, whether it’s Oslo, Norway, or the remote areas of Iceland. Our experienced staff will assess the most efficient way to relocate your belongings. Contact our helpful team today for your personalized removals to Scandinavia quote.

Will you ship by full or part load to Scandinavia?

We ship worldwide and offer flexible shipping options to suit your needs. Our experienced team can find the most economical way to move your belongings, including part load options where you only pay for the space you use. We’ll advise you on the best solution for your shipping needs.

How will you ship my belongings to Scandinavia? By air or sea?

We offer various freight shipping options worldwide. Sea shipping is often preferred for countries with good ports, while road shipping is common for mainland Europe. Scandinavia’s accessible coastlines make sea shipping a viable option. Airfreight is also available, but may have cost implications.

What are the transit times to Scandinavia?

Shipping times vary based on destination and mode of shipping. For example, airfreight to Sweden takes 1-3 days, while sea shipping takes 2-4 days. Timings may vary for full or part load shipments. Our team will provide detailed advice on shipping timings for your move to Scandinavia

Storage Services in the UK and overseas, for every adventure

Whatever your adventure to Scandinavia, whether it’s Iceland’s stunning landscape, Stockholm and Helsinki’s vibrant cities, or exploring Sweden, we can help with your storage needs, be it short-term or long-term.

Why should you use Solaris for your Scandinavian adventure?


Wherever you are moving in Scandinavia, we can help

Whether you're moving to Norway, Denmark, Sweden to Finland, Iceland, and more, our complete moving support has you covered. Pets, special items, and more – we can handle it all.


A bespoke moving support package for your Scandinavian adventures

Our bespoke moving support package has you covered. From physical moving to handling regulations and rules, we take care of it all. Make one call and start living your relocation dream.

moving services

Contact us today and let the adventures begin

Contact our friendly team at Solaris, and wherever you are heading, we can help. Call us now and begin your Scandinavian adventure today.

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