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At Solaris Relocations we pride ourselves on our cost-effective and high-quality Moving and Relocation Services

Disclaimer: Solaris Relocations specializes in RELOCATION SERVICES ONLY and does not cover visa processing, immigration services, or job applications.

Moving to Canada

We can relocate your world wherever you want to go.

Seamlessly move your world to Canada with our comprehensive removals service.


Decades of experience and expertise in navigating import regulations make us the industry leader:

  • Expertise in moving various items including pets, pianos, cars, and more
  • Comprehensive understanding of import rules and regulations in Asia Pacific countries
  • Storage facilities in the UK and overseas
  • Care transit protection for added peace of mind

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Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection for life’s mishaps

We prioritize safe packing and transportation of your belongings with care. Our transit protection brings peace of mind. Contact us to learn more!


Storage from Solaris for every step of the way

We offer flexible short-term and long-term storage solutions to suit your needs. Trust our experienced team at Solaris for safe and secure storage facilities. Contact us today for reliable storage options tailored to your scenario.

Moving Services

Moving Support Services for everyone and everywhere

Complex rules and regulations surround international moves, but when you use our complete relocations services you have access to the wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. Don’t be put off your desire to relocate by the complexities, come to us and let us take the strain.

Moving Support Services

Baggage Services from Solaris for the lighter load

Don't need a full removals service? We've got you covered. Our economical baggage services are perfect for students, expats, and travelers. Contact us for hassle-free transportation of your belongings

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