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At Solaris Relocations we pride ourselves on our cost-effective and high-quality Moving and Relocation Services

Disclaimer: Solaris Relocations specializes in RELOCATION SERVICES ONLY and does not cover visa processing, immigration services, or job applications.

Moving to Singapore

Let Solaris take the stress out of your international move

Ready to make your international move to Singapore hassle-free? Contact us now for complete, unparalleled relocation support services.


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Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection because we care

Get peace of mind with our transit protection. Accidents can happen, but our comprehensive coverage ensures your goods are covered during your move. Contact us for more information.


Safe, secure storage service from Solaris

Securely store your belongings with Solaris during your overseas move. With facilities in the UK and overseas, we offer flexible short-term or long-term storage solutions. Contact us today for peace of mind.

Moving Services

Complete bespoke removal Support Services

We're experts in international relocation, from importing classic cars to navigating regulatory challenges. Let us help turn your dreams into reality with our complete support service. Contact us today.

Moving Support Services

Baggage Services for the smaller loads

Need to move a few items abroad or send presents to your family in the UK? Our baggage service has got you covered. Contact us now for a cost-effective solution to transport your goods worldwide.

International removals To Singapore

Ready to make the move to Singapore? Contact Solaris now and let’s turn your island city-state adventure into reality!

Get a survey and quote for Singapore removals

Get a custom quote for your move to Singapore. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, timelines, and get started with your survey and quotation

Do I need a full or part load for moving to Singapore?

Choose between full or part load shipping containers based on your needs. We’ll provide expert advice to help you decide the best fit for your requirements, with pros and cons for each option. Let’s determine the ideal solution for you

Do you ship by air or sea for Singapore removals?

Shipping to Singapore? Choose sea or air cargo. Most commonly, sea freight is preferred due to cost, as Singapore is an island city-state surrounded by water. Our complete support service will provide expert advice on the best option for you

How long are transit times to Singapore?

Cargo planes are fastest but pricier, taking about 3 days. Cargo ships take longer, around a month on average, depending on container size. We’ll help you choose the best option for your needs

Storage Services both in the UK and abroad

We know that life can be complicated. To help this we offer storage solutions for our clients both in the UK and overseas, so whatever life throws at you, Solaris can help.

Let Solaris help your Singapore adventure to begin


With Solaris, your removals to Singapore doesn't have to stressful

From customs advice for vehicle shipping to delicate handling of your Chinese china collection, we can help. If it matters to you, we can move it.


A bespoke removal support package for your new life in Singapore

Enjoy your Singapore adventure with our complete support. From packing to regulatory assistance, our experienced team is here to help. Call us today to start your new life in Singapore

moving services

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