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Make your international move stress-free with the team at Solaris

Moving home can be stressful, indeed it is said to be in the top three most stressful things you will ever do. International relocations can be even more stressful, with the added worries over rules and regulations, simply adding to the mental load of moving. But when you come to us at Solaris, you will discover that moving doesn’t have to be stressful, with our complete bespoke removals service. We will deal with everything and let you enjoy the adventure! From furniture to furry friends, from cars to cockatoos, whatever makes up your world we can move it. You could use different companies to move different things, but why make life more complicated? Come to Solaris and let us take care of everything. Our complete removals service team are waiting to make your dreams become a reality. Call Solaris today and start your next adventure.

Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection for extra protection

Care transit protection because life happens. Our trained professionals are extremely careful and conscientious, but accidents do happen. Our comprehensive transit protection just gives you the added peace of mind to know that you are covered should a mishap occur.


Solaris Storage for everyone

Whatever you need storing, we can store it. Whether you want to keep a few beautiful pieces of furniture in a safe and secure location while you enjoy your overseas adventure or store the entire contents of your house, we can help. Life doesn’t always neatly join up, so you may need short-term storage between properties. We can help. Our storage facilities are secure, and well-maintained so that your possessions will be in the same condition when they come out, as when they went in. Speak to the team at Solaris today about your storage needs and let us provide you with a storage solution.

Moving Services

Complete moving support services for international removals

Are you taking your car overseas with you? Do you know what paperwork is required? No? Don’t worry! We do! With our complete removal support services, we will take care of everything. From packing your property up, to organising your paperwork. From the first step of the adventure to that “moment” when you suddenly realise that you are living your new life, we will be with you. Don’t let your dreams be submerged by the complexities of international relocation, simply contact us and let our team take the strain.

Moving Support Services

Solaris Baggage Services for smaller loads

When a full-blown removals service is too much, but a suitcase is too small, we have our baggage service. Many people rent furnished properties overseas and only want to move a few homely items overseas. Often, people want to send presents and gifts back home to friends and family. Our baggage service provides an economical solution to moving packages around the world. To discuss whether this option will be the right fit for you, simply talk to our friendly team today.

International removals to the USA

So, you want to move to America? Are you heading for the excitement of New York or the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in Montana? Perhaps you are after the big, clear blue skies and live music of Texas or the glamour of Los Angeles in the state of California? Whatever your ideal state in the US is, we can help you get there.

Survey and Quote for removals to the USA

Our quotes are based on what we need to move, and where you want to move to. The East and West Coast of the US are many miles apart, between 2500 and 3500 miles, so our quote will vary depending on whether you are heading to Arizona or Virginia. Our professional staff will need to see what you want moving, to be able to assess the most economical and practical way to move it.

Will you ship via a full or part load to the USA?

We send containers all across the globe. We always try and accommodate our clients’ wishes, so if your main concern is budget, we will ship accordingly. However, if your most critical factor is timing, then we will advise you differently. A full load, where you pay for a whole container, can be more expensive but gives you more control over the timings of your shipment. A part load, where you share a container with another party, only paying for the space that you use, is the cheaper option, but you have less control over the departure date and the shipping times. When you come to us, we will advise on the best solution for you.

How will you ship my goods to the States? By air or sea?

There are different ways to ship freight across the world. The main ways are road, air or sea. If you are heading westward across the Atlantic Ocean to the USA, the best route is to ship by sea. Bear in mind that the timings will vary greatly depending on whether you are heading for states on the East Coast such as Maine, the central states such as Kansas or Nebraska, or the West Coast such as Sacramento in California. We can ship your belonging via airfreight, but it will be significantly more expensive.

Transit times to the West and East Coast of America

Transit times via the sea vary greatly depending on whether you are heading for the East or West Coast of the United States of America. New York can be reached in around 15 days by the sea, whereas Los Angeles on the East Coast will take more than 30 days to reach. Airfreight will be significantly quicker though still affected by which state you are heading to. We will discuss all the options with you as part of our complete removals service.

Storage Services from Solaris in the UK and overseas

We can offer storage in both the UK and overseas, so whatever you need we can help. Whether you need long-term storage solutions, or quick short-term storage as part of your overseas relocation to the USA, we will be able to help you.

Get your American adventure underway with Solaris!


Moving to the USA doesn’t have to be stressful with Solaris

It could be stressful moving to the US, but with Solaris, it doesn’t have to be. Come to us and let us move your world. Whether you are heading to Arizona or Albuquerque, to Nebraska or Nashville we can help. Whatever makes up your world we can move it.


A bespoke moving support package for you

From the heavy lifting to the rules and regulations we can take care of your move. One call to us, and your American adventure can get underway.

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Start your new adventure in America. From Mississippi to Minnesota, we can turn your dreams into reality. Contact us today and start living your American dream.

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