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Moving to UAE

Moving to UAE

Solaris making moving less complicated

Moving house can be very challenging, and an overseas relocation can just increase the complexity. However, with Solaris Support Services we take the strain and let you enjoy the adventure. At Solaris we offer a bespoke removal service, dealing with everything from boxes to border paperwork, whatever you need to move, we know how to do it. Using different removal companies to move different items can be complicated and costly. With us, you can have a complete bespoke removal service, call us and start your adventure today.

Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection from Solaris

We treat your possessions as if they were our own. Our trained and professional movers take great pride in packing and transporting your belongings. Even with the great attitude and attention to detail of our removals team accidents do happen. We offer comprehensive Transit Protection to give you peace of mind. We take care of your world. Our trained teams are experienced at packing and transporting your valuables. From delicate bone China to antique mirrors, we endeavour to move everything with care and attention. However, even with our high standards accidents do occasionally happen. Comprehensive Transit Protection gives you the peace of mind you need.


Storage from Solaris

Sometimes you need storage during your relocation process. Often there can be gaps between a sale and a purchase, especially with overseas relocations. With Solaris, this won't be a problem, as we can simply provide storage as part of our bespoke removal service. There will be no gaps in your move, simply a seamless transition around the world. Whether you need short or long-term storage we can help, and with storage facilities both in the UK and overseas, we can tie in with your needs. Simply speak to us today.

Moving Services

Support Services for your removals

Do you know what paperwork you need to import a snake into the Middle East? We do! When you use our complete removal support service, we will take care of everything. Every country has its own unique set of regulatory and logistical challenges, but we will be on hand throughout the process to make sure that every step is taken and every box is ticked. Get ready for your adventure and contact us today.

Moving Support Services

Enjoy Solaris' Baggage Services

If you don't need to send container loads of belongings to your new life, but simply want to send some luggage we can help. Often people are relocated overseas into furnished housing, and just want a few choice items to make their house a home. We can help with our cost-effective baggage service. Let us arrange to ship your luggage overseas.

International removals The United Arab Emirates

Have you decided to move to the UAE? Let us make it an adventure, rather than a logistical challenge. We can help you with all the details for your new life in the UAE. Speak to us today about your moving needs.

Obtaining a Survey and Quote for removals to UAE

Your quote will be put together based on what you need to move. Whether you are moving paintings or pianos, your quote will be tailored to your unique circumstances. Speak to our professional staff to obtain the best quote for relocating your world to the UAE today.

What’s best a full or part load?

We have moved people all across the globe. We have sent containers across different oceans. We will be able to come up with the best solutions for your relocation. A full load is where you simply pay for a container, and then fill it. A part-load allows you to share a container and only pay for your portion. We will be able to advise on the best fit for your scenario, balancing timings versus costs.

By sea or air?

The main difference between sea and air freight is the time it takes to travel, and the knock-on effect on cost. We can advise you on the best means of transporting your possessions, based on your budget and your schedule. Let us help you to make your move to the UAE an adventure, not a challenge.

How long is shipping transit to the UAE?

Cargo planes only take a couple of days to reach the UAE from the UK, while a ship carrying cargo will take some weeks. We can advise on the best route to send your possessions to your new home in the UAE.

Storage Services are available in both the UK and overseas

We can store your possessions both in the UK and overseas. As part of our planning of the best way to orchestrate your move, we can incorporate any storage needs into this plan.

Why use Solaris for your adventure to the UAE?


Let us make your move to the UAE seamless

Whatever makes up your world, let us move it. From fine wines to your vintage record collection, from cats to clarinets. Whatever your passion is, don't leave it behind with our complete moving support packages.


Move to the UAE with our bespoke moving support service package

Let us arrange your relocation. Simply tell us where you want to move from and where to, and let us do the rest!

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