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At Solaris Relocations we pride ourselves on our cost-effective and high-quality Moving and Relocation Services

Moving to New Zealand

Moving to new zealand

Contact Solaris for a stress-free international move

It can be done! Moving doesn’t have to be stressful with Solaris. We are experienced at organising international removals, from the packing to the regulations, we will be by your side. You can enjoy the anticipation, let us take care of the rest. Our bespoke international removals support service means that we deal with everything. Let your adventure begin.


Using one company to do everything means that you don’t have to project manage different companies, to ensure that they work together. We can pack your items, store what is needed, arrange freight shipping, arrange care transit protection, dealing with customs, arrange port onwards shipping and unpack your belongings. From one side of the world to the other, Solaris will be there. Call us today and let your adventure begin.

Services We Offer

At Solaris Relocations, we understand that every move is unique. We provide a wide range of bespoke services that ensure you get the best possible experience tailored to your needs.
transit protection

Care Transit Protection for your international shipping

Accidents do happen, however careful we are. Our movers take pride in their profession and treat all their clients' possessions with care and attention. But when you are shipping items around the world, sometimes things can get broken. Care transit protection gives you peace of mind and added reassurance that your items are covered.


Storage that is safe and secure from Solaris

We offer long-term and short-term storage, both in the UK and overseas. Often when people relocate overseas, they don't want to take everything with them, but they don't necessarily want to sell it. That beautiful sideboard from your uncle may not be the ideal piece of furniture for your new life overseas, but you do not want to part with it. Storage gives you another option. Whether you want to store a few choice pieces of furniture or the entire contents of your house, we can help. With our storage facilities, you can be confident that your items will be safe and secure until you need them.

Moving Services

Complete overseas removal support services from Solaris

Don't be put off your dream to relocate overseas by the complexities of it. Our complete international removals support service does exactly what it says, we help you with everything. From packing up your house in the UK to communicating with customs to import your vehicle into your new country. We have many years of experience with countries all over the world, so we are ideally placed to help you. Let our experience of planning international removals make your move possible. Contact us today and let your new life begin.

Moving Support Services

Baggage Services from Solaris

Not everyone needs to take their entire world with them. Some people only want to take a few items on their overseas adventure. If you just want to send overseas a couple of items to make your house a home, we can help. Our baggage services provide a cost-effective way of sending goods around the world. Many clients also use our baggage services for sending presents back home to the UK for friends and family. Whatever you need moving, we can move it.

International removals from the UK To new zealand

So, you have decided to move to New Zealand? Speak to us today, and we can start to plan your removal to New Zealand. From dealing with customs to packing up your house, our comprehensive removal to New Zealand package covers everything you need for your relocation to New Zealand.

Arrange for your New Zealand removal survey and quote today

We are experienced at accurately judging how to effectively arrange your removals to New Zealand. We need to understand what your requirements are so that we can compile a quote designed for you. Contact our friendly team today and organise your survey and quote.

Full and Part Loads for moving to New Zealand

To carry out your removals to New Zealand we will ship your belongings to New Zealand in a container. You can either have a full container, where you have the entire container to yourself, this gives you more control over the shipping dates. Or, you can have a part container, where you share the space with others, and just pay for your portion. This can be cheaper, but it can make your shipping dates less flexible. With Solaris, we will work out the best way to ship your possessions based on your needs. 

International shipping by air or sea from the UK to New Zealand

Freight travels around the globe constantly. Container ships sail the oceans and cargo planes fly the skies. Whether your goods travel by sea or air will depend on several factors. Most freight travels by cargo ship as it is a cheaper option, but it is possible to send goods by cargo plane should the timing be crucial. With Solaris, we give you the best advice for your removals to New Zealand.

International transit times for removals to New Zealand

New Zealand is a long way away from the UK, so your removals to New Zealand will not happen overnight! Cargo ships take six to eight weeks to reach New Zealand depending upon which ports are used. Air cargo takes between seven and ten days.

Safe and secure storage in the UK and overseas

We offer multiple locations for our storage facilities. We have units in the UK and overseas. This enables us to offer our clients the flexibility of choice. When you speak to us, we will be able to advise on the best solution for you.

Why use Solaris for your adventure to New Zealand?


Enjoy stress-free international removals with us

Your relocation to New Zealand does not have to be stressful. Our complete removals support package can take of everything associated with your removals to New Zealand. From your piano to your parrot, your collection of antique clocks to your old record collection. Whatever makes up your world, we can move it.


Move to New Zealand with our complete removals support service

One call and your removals to New Zealand can begin. Let us take the strain so that you can enjoy the adventure. From the heavy lifting to the complex customs paperwork, we can do it all. Call us today.

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Make your dream of a new life in New Zealand come to life, with Solaris. Take the first step and contact us today.

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